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Workshop on Vehicular Communications and Applications (VCA'13)

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The NETLab research group at the Interdisciplinary Center for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) at the University of Luxembourg is organizing its second Workshop on Vehicular Communications and Applications (VCA 2013).

The VCA workshop aims to provide an interdisciplinary dialogue around the wider aspects of vehicular network technologies and related applications. The objectives are multiple and go beyond the scope of the traditional Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). The topics are not limited to the V2V and V2I communication paradigms, but rather cover the entire spectrum of possible applications that will emerge on the short-­ and long-­term. The short-­term solutions will closely rely on the integration of modern smartphones to provide intelligent and multimodal transportation services. Collaborative sensing applications will be crucial to improve traffic conditions by reducing congestions and traveling delays.

Other topics of interests include services such as car-­pooling and eco friendly driving that are especially important for urban eMobility. Further, services such as accurate range prediction and pricing through smart charging boxes are envisioned to improve driving experience and efficiency.

Finally, in order to increase the overall road safety, the workshop will address how new technologies can be employed to educate drivers by suggesting them to adapt safe and eco friendly driving practices.