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Student Travel Grants

The organizing committee of the 21st IEEE International Conference on Network Protocols (ICNP) is pleased to announce the availability of travel grants to selected students to attend the conference to be held in Göttingen, Germany, October 7 - 10, 2013.   It will help partially cover the cost of the student's travel, lodging, and registration fees.  

We will give preference to students who will not present a regular paper. Poster authors, PhD Forum attendants, or those who submitted to ICNP but did not have their paper accepted, are encouraged to apply though. We further encourage applications from women, underrepresented minorities, and other under-represented groups of students. Note that awardees will need to pay for their expenses ahead of time and get reimbursed after the conference.

Student applicants should send their applications by Wed, September 11, 2013. We plan to announce the awards by Fri, September 13.  Applicants should follow the following link to apply:  

The student should provide his/her CV and a letter in a PDF file.  The application will also generate an email asking the student's advisor to provide recommendation.

The student’s letter should indicate
  1. the academic status of the student;
  2. whether the applicant is an author of a regular paper, a workshop paper, or a poster; whether s/he is a PhD forum attendant; and whether s/he submitted a paper to ICNP but did not get accepted;
  3. how s/he would benefit from attending ICNP, including which areas in the ICNP program would impact the student’s research; and
  4. a brief summary of research interests and accomplishments.
The supervisor’s recommendation should describe
  1. the applicant’s academic standing in the institution;
  2. discuss why and how the applicant would benefit from attending ICNP; and
  3. explain why the applicant is in need of the travel grant.