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ICNP 2013 will be held in Göttingen, Germany between Oct 7th and Oct 10th 2013. Located right in the center of country, Göttingen is a traditional but young and vibrant university town. Out of the 120.000 residents, almost one quarter are students.

The main conference and all workshops will take place at the Mathematical Institute of the Georg-August-University (address: Bunsenstr. 3-5, 37073 Goettingen). The venerable building is internationally renown for producing world-class research under the lead of the likes of David Hilbert, Felix Klein, Emmy Noether and Carl-Friedrich Gauss. Besides, it's library is still considered as one of the world's most important.

The conference dinner will take place at the old observatory (address: Geismarlandstr. 11, 37081 Goettingen), where Gauss and Wilhelm Weber established the first telegraph link in history, and conference attendees will be welcomed with a reception at the old townhall of Göttingen.


All venues are within easy walking distance from the city center. As of now, ICNP has set aside rooms at the following hotels (the code for the conference rate is "ICNP2013" for all hotels):
Cheaper rooms, especially for students, include:
  • Hostel 37 (City Center next to train station, 850m to venue, only 21 beds available as per 13.08.2013) - (NOTE: If you'd like to book a bed in a four- or six-bed dorm, the code is ICNP2018 and 2019 respectively)
  • Jugendherberge Göttingen (Northern City, 2.6km to venue, only 14 rooms available as per 13.08.2013) -
Note that hotel rooms in Göttingen are very contested and there could be parallel conferences at the same time. You should therefore book your rooms as early as possible, since the deadline for most of the reserved rooms expires between author notification and the camera ready deadline.

Getting to Göttingen

Göttingen itself does not have an airport. However, the city is extremely well connected to the German rail and road networks.

The most convenient choice is to book a flight to Frankfurt (FRA) and take the high-speed train (for early bird discounts book at straight to Göttingen, which will get you here in under two hours. It will take you about 2.5 hours to do the same by car (use the world-famous Autobahn: A5 and then switch to A7).

The fastest way for ground travel would be to fly into Hannover (HAJ) and take the train from there, which would get you to Göttingen in just one hour. However, Hannover airport is small and there are not as many connections as to Frankfurt.

Other options are flying into Berlin (TXL) or Hamburg (HAM) and take the train from there. Both options will take around three hours.

Access by car is also easy from Hamburg (about 3 hours) or Hannover (about 1.5 hours) - just follow the A7 southbound in direction of Hannover (from Hamburg) and Kassel/Göttingen (from Hannover on).


On the map below you can find the locations of all venues, hotels and transport links listed above for your orientation.