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08:45  Welcome

Keynote 1: Managing Congestion and providing
        Assured Service Quality (ASQ) in a Tier1 IP network
    Falk von Bornstaedt (Deutsche Telekom AG)
10:00  Coffee break

Keynote 2: Reducing Internet Latency [PDF]
    Mat Ford (Internet Society)
11:30h  Technical Session 1: Network and Transport
Evaluation of the Impact of Packet Drops due to AQM over Capacity Limited Paths [PDF]
  Eduard Grigorescu (University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom); Chamil Kulatunga (University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom); Gorry Fairhurst (University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom)
DFLOW: Low latency congestion control [PDF]
  Piers O'Hanlon (University of Oxford, United Kingdom); Kenneth Carlberg (G11, USA)
Congestion-Aware Scalable Video Streaming [PDF]
  Nuruddeen M. Iya (University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom); Fabio Verdicchio (University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom); Gorry Fairhurst (University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom)
12:45  Lunch
13:45  Technical Session 2: Mobile Networks
Effects of capacity sharing on mobile access competition [PDF]
  Henna Suomi (Aalto University, Finland); Arturo Basaure (Aalto University, Finland); Heikki Hmminen (Aalto University, Finland)
Stitch-n-Sync: Discreetly Disclosing Topology Information Using Logically Centralized Controllers [PDF]
  Daniel Philip Venmani (Orange Labs, France); Yvon Gourhant (Orange Labs, France)
Service Boost: Towards On-demand QoS Enhancements for OTT Apps in LTE [PDF]
  Konstantinos Samdanis (NEC Europe Ltd., Germany); Faisal Mir (NEC Europe Ltd., Germany); Dirk Kutscher (NEC Laboratories Europe, Germany); Tarik Taleb (NEC Europe Ltd., Germany)
15:30  Coffee
16:00  Technical Session 2: Mobile Networks (cont'd)
Software-Defined Networking Based Capacity Sharing in Hybrid Networks [PDF]
  Mateus A. S. Santos (University of Sao Paulo, Brazil); Bruno T. de Oliveira (University of So Paulo, Brazil); Bruno Astuto Arouche Nunes (INRIA, France); Thierry Turletti (INRIA, France); Cintia Borges Margi (Universidade de So Paulo, Brazil); Katia Obraczka (University of California, Santa Cruz, USA)
16:30Wrap-Up and Conclusions